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Therefore more often than not a several sessions are required to loosen and mobilise the joint effectively. After the initial assessment the physiotherapist should have a good idea about the prognosis of your condition and should be able to provide you with a rough estimate of how many session you will need and over what period. Well the answer is of course yes and obviously depends on the problem itself, but would you like to feel better after weeks or drag your symptoms out over weeks?

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Expanding on the previous analogy whilst taking antibiotics you would not suggest taking the pill once a week only, instead of the recommended daily suggestion; you would follow the prescription that the doctor or pharmacist best advises for you. This may mean that each week you return for physio potentially back at square one with slower and smaller progression. So more frequent sessions in a shorter period will allow the therapist to keep a close eye on your symptoms, activity and achieve faster progressions.

The frequency of sessions may tail off as a person is closer to being discharged. In addition shorter session of physio half hourly may be more useful than hourly sessions during the acute and inflamed stage of an injury in particular, as too much mobilising, stretching and strengthening of aggravated tissue may worsen symptoms, so gentle and often is often the better approach. Similarly in physiotherapy, if your someone who comes in for a quick fix, an example being a low back strain, your initial sessions will consist of reducing the symptoms and pain.

This will be mobilising the joint that is stiff, releasing the muscle spasms and inflammation, and this alone may require sessions depending on its severity. At this point you may feel your back is pretty much better, however your back has not been strengthened and is therefore at great risk of recurrent injuries. You may also not have received all the information for normal movement; you may not be aware of what faulty movement actually caused your strain or not had the chance to process it due to the previous pain.

This could mean you return to your normal day-day activities with a weaker back and continue to do the things that may be strain your back. The problem with repeating this cycle, is each time you strain your back, it produces scar tissue in the affected ligaments and muscles. Scar tissue at its best, will never be as strong or as tensile as muscle tissue and therefore will further compromise the integrity of the affected structures leading to an even greater risk of recurrent injuries.

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Hence it makes more sense to reduce your initial symptoms, learn how to look after your back, discover what is straining your back and strengthen your core muscles with individually prescribed exercises. Yes, you can. However, do let your massage therapist know so that he or she can avoid going full on with the massage.

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Too intensive a massage will result in your muscles being too relaxed. This effect muscle recruitment later during your event. You will experience a lack of power and slower firing of the muscles. A full deep sports massage is fine 48 hours before your event. For pre-event massage, like an hour before the event is usually light and aims to limber up the muscles.

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Not relax it as in the usual sports massage sessions. There are no hard and fast rules as too how often you should get a massage. It depends on the intensity of your training and the propensity for your muscles to tighten up. High-level competitive athletes get massaged once a day to help them recover from an intense training session.

Other athletes get a massage times every week. If the underlying cause of your injury is unknown, it is advisable to seek an opinion of a health professional like physiotherapist to first identify it. It is always possible for a massage to further aggravate your condition if massage is not the appropriate approach for relief.

Unlike a spa setting, our aim to not relax your mind but to manage your muscles needs. Typically, for 1-hour will either focus on your lower body e. For a full body coverage, clients usually schedule for a 1. Sports massage does not correct or indentify causes of injuries such as bio-mechanical faults, issues with the joints. But rehabilitation is not a area of focus and training for sports massage therapists. You can easily request for a physiotherapy or fitness appointment through any of the 3 convenient ways below with your preferred date, time and clinic location.

Our staff will be happy to help allocate you to the first available appointment slot that best fits your convenience. Email your preferred physiotherapy appointment slot to enquiry coreconcepts. Which is bigger, 12 or 8? Neck Strains and Whiplash Often caused by hunching over a laptop or a mobile device, neck strains and whiplash are commonly experienced by many in the digital age.

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Singapore Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pains Since , we are committed to the highest standard of care and therapy, employing evidence-based treatment approaches at our physiotherapy clinics. Get Better, Stay Better In our physioclinics, our team of healthcare professionals also includes functional trainers, Pilates instructors and sports massage therapists who work together to ensure you get back on your feet post-injury and stay functionally fit for your activities.

Search for other conditions: Find Us. Raffles Place CBD. Novena Square. Parkway Parade East. Harbour Front. Galaxis Fusionopolis. Core Concepts - Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore. See all reviews Write a review. Core Concepts. Grace Lim Ci En. Theressa Lim. Rebecca Lim. Janet Koh. Varun Sharma. Charmaine Miranda. Jimmy Allen Poh. Benedict Koh. Victoria Soh. Daniel Wang. Brett McLaren. Manda Misso. Terry Tan. Ferdinand Mar. Bee Choo Gian. Sandy Toh CH. Shino Tutu. Paola Venturini Hubert. Hedy Yeo.

Simon Ray. Von Ling Wei Hao. Tania Chevrez. Pei Yee Wong. For instance, jeans are not advisable if you have a knee-related condition. You are also advised to bring along your referral letters, medical records, and medical imaging such as X-rays if any. What can I expect at my first appointment? During the first consultation, your physiotherapist will assess your condition by understanding your health history and conducting an evaluation of your posture, muscle and joint motion and performance.

After which, your physiotherapist will provide a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, plan of care and discuss short and long-term goals. Treatment using modalities such as clinical massage, shockwave therapy and electrical stimulation may be performed dependent on your condition. You can also expect to receive self-management recommendations with home exercises and physical aides prescribed if required.

What are the payment options available? We accept all major debit and credit cards, NETS and cash. Does my health insurance cover the cost of Physiotherapy? We have been working with major international insurance and medical assistance organisations to establish direct billing cashless agreements for the benefit of our patients.

If your insurance company is not listed above, please contact them for pre-authorisation of service. You will enjoy direct billing if your insurance company issues a Letter of Guarantee LOG indicating the number of sessions approved or the coverage amount. Performing stretching exercises after a run will help you cool down gradually and improve….

Read More Articles. Powered by 2Stallions. Hear What Others Say. PhysioActive not only helps you with your pain but also addresses the root cause! Over here, they have very good skills. I'm really looking forward to return back to playing sports again and I have full confidence that I will be able to do so in a few weeks! I am now doing high-intensity interval training.

Sports massage has been very helpful to optimise my performance and reduce the soreness I get from my training. Michelle Chia Actress-host.

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PhysioActive focuses not only the symptoms but also the cause to help you safely and fully return to your daily activities. Lasse Lindstrom Sunday Runner.

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  • I was already considering a knee operation but thanks to PhysioActive, I was able to get back on the running track! Navya Singh Student. Now, just 2 months under his treatment, I am almost pain-free and should be returning to the dance studio soon!

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    Mabel Chong. Why Choose Us. Extended opening hours to fit your busy schedule Patient-centered care that includes only the best practices. State-of-the-art equipment to complement your treatment Individual consultations available in 5 languages. How We Can Help You. Frequently Asked Questions. Is Physiotherapy for me? If you are a working professional wondering how to fit this into your busy schedule, fret not.

    Direct billing arrangements at PhysioActive is available to the following contracted partners: February 12, Shockwave Therapy is fast, safe, non-invasive and a very effective treatment method that relieves…. Posted in: Read Article. February 10, January 20, Outer thigh and hip pain is common in athletes and non-athletes alike.

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