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If you are, everything's gone according to plan. Find out more about keeping your number when you switch network. The process of moving network has been designed to keep the time you're without a service down to a minimum. Even after you've given the network you're joining your PAC code see above for a more detailed explanation of PAC codes , so you'll still be able to take calls and receive texts during this time. When the transfer to your new network is actually happening, your service will be down for a very short period.

To test when the transfer has been done, simply insert your new SIM in the phone and restart it. If you've got a service, you're good to go. Good news. If you're worried that your SIM and the contacts, text messages and other personal information you've stored on it could fall into the wrong hands, you'll need to dispose of it carefully. Just as you would with an old credit card, the safest thing to do is take the SIM and use scissors to cut it up.


Free Pay As You Go SIM

While you're doing so, ensure you damage the gold foil so you make absolutely certain there's no way anyone can retrieve your personal information. Whether you want to sign up for one-month rolling SIM only contact or month SIM only contract with a new network, you'll have to pass credit check. For pay monthly, rolling contracts, the credit check isn't as stringent as for 12 months.

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So if you've been rejected for a month contract before, there's no reason to believe you won't be accepted. But if you fail your credit check, that doesn't mean you can't get a good SIM only deal. Pay as you go deals with some networks now offer monthly allowances that aren't much less generous than SIM only contracts. The only major difference is that you'll have to remember to top up to ensure you've got credit.

Why pick an EE pay as you go pack?

Compare SIM only deals that don't require a credit check. Being accepted for month SIM only deal can indeed improve your credit rating. That's because you're entering a contract and committing to paying for your monthly allowances on time every month. By keeping your part of the bargain, you're showing potential lenders that you're trustworthy and a good bet for credit. But be wary. If you miss your monthly payments, you risk damaging your credit score. If you think that making your payments might be a problem, it's probably wise to opt for a one-month SIM only deal, which will leave you free to cancel or downgrade your contract if money is tight.

Although the likes of giffgaff and the people's operator aren't as instantly recognisable as high-street names such as Three , EE and Tesco Mobile , they're brands you can trust. You'll also find that there's no difference in call quality and mobile internet coverage with smaller providers. That's because their service is based on larger providers' network infrastructure, which these smaller networks pay a fee to use.

Where you may find a difference compared with the larger networks is in customer support, however. In order to keep prices low, some smaller networks don't operate a call centre and offer online support only. If you choose smaller networks you also shouldn't expect enticing customer incentives, such as O2's Freebies or movie downloads with EE.

But you may decide that you don't want or need those and that a good service and cheap rates are your priority. Looking for a data only SIM deal for your iPad or tablet?

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SIM only FAQs

Check 3G and 4G signal coverage. Keep your existing number. Find a Vodafone store.

Your monthly budget:

My products Upgrades Existing customer offers. You can schedule a different Rocket Pack to start on your renewal date or buy a different size Rocket Pack. You can do either in My Account or by calling free.

You can check how much is left of your Rocket Pack data, minutes and texts by calling free or in My Account. Yes, you can use all your Rocket Pack data for tethering.

Top 10 Sim Cards [2018]: EE £15/30 days for 500 Mins, Unlimited Texts & 5GB data. Pay as you go

Find out more about tethering. Make sure you cancel it 48 hours before you renewal date, otherwise the cost of the Rocket Pack may be automatically taken from your credit. You get free credit once a month and your free credit lasts for a month, until your next monthly anniversary date.

Get a SIM for your existing device

You also need to have topped-up by this date in order to get your free credit for the next month. Every time you use your device to make a call or send a text, we send you a message saying how much top-up and free credit you have left, as well as your anniversary date. Usage beyond a Fair Usage Policy may attract other charges. Full details, current list of HFH Destinations , charges, and terms are available at tescomobile. All rights reserved.

Call us Our pay as you go tariffs explained… Rocket Packs are bundles of set amounts of data, minutes and texts that last one month. On Rocket Packs.

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