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I knew exactly what I was getting into when buying from HF. Low prices. Indifferent customer service. Likely failure of component parts. The basic design of the lift is sound, simple, and safe. I do have a 4-post lift, but I want one of these too.

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The 4-post is not handy for changing tires and brakes and such. But you definitely have to keep in mind that they are cheap, and cheaply made. But for something you use once in a blue moon they are fine. Junk store quality, all of it. Not everything at HF is no-name; they also sell BendPak lifts.

Harbor Freight loading ramps, are they worth it?

The lift is essentially solid, with over four square feet of padded contact area with the car. Jack-stands have about four square inches in metal-to-metal contact with the car. The non-rolling side of the scissor is much wider than the rolling side, providing a wide platform of steel on the ground as well. Four years after I bought the lift we experienced a 5. Good story and good pitch.

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Now I know better. After a few experiences with Harbor Freight products I would be much less likely to trust my life to their scissors jack than a set of jack stands. I too was working on a lifted car once when a small tremor hit in NW PA. A shop had purchased it for their repair shop but the fullsized vehicles they worked on would not fit.

Our local Napa store has one of these lifts on display. Sitting on it for over a year is an Opel GT. I still want one though… GRIN! Forget the lift. I would have to examine the build of the thing first hand but I imagine a bit of fab work to make the two wheel side cross beams removable would work well for the occasional trans drop or exhaust work. I could never trust this as much as ramps.

Which might explain why you get terrible service at HF…. That depends on what type of tool you are buying. Never understood the logic of these type vs a decent floor jack and some good jackstands. Seems like the mechanism masks most of the underside of the car which is what you are raising it up to work on in the first place.

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I have a clear floor two post lift which is the best solution assuming you have the 12 foot ceiling height. Did you read the first two paragraphs? I was under a car on jackstands during a small earthquake. You have not experienced true terror until a car held above you by narrow columns of metal and contact patches measures in millimeters starts wobbling!

I addressed that in the article as well: You can try this with jackstands, obviously.


Habor Freight Roundup (Magnum-8 Auto Ramp Set w/ Built-in Safety Chock $) - Techbargains

I was wondering if the lift has arms long enough to reach the proper lifting points under my car. I love working on my car myself, when I can do the repair, normally just brakes, I also have summer and winter sets of wheels and tires for both our cars. You drove on top of them instead of timbers to get clearance for the lift.

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With MIG, you can make stuff at will. Now throw hinged plywood on lift to creep around or a short stool. Exhaust work is a pain being I MIG it solid, no joints. Great deal. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. You gave thanks to royalnewjersey for this post.

Harbor Freight 3-Ton Low Profile Steel Floor Jack $79.99

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Quote from dreamexecution: Quote from mrdjman: Last edited by dreamexecution November 13, at I have had one of these for about 2 years and love it. Great find OP! Thx for posting though. New User. The lower rated Rhino Ramps have less bracing than the ones rated for a higher weight. When I bought mine, I think there was just one version. The one that is cracked looks like the crack is covered in paint. Coach Do it did not come cracked. If you look, the crack is in the valley of one of the stamping creases. When I drove my truck up on them, their was an audible tone when they cracked that I heard.

The other ramp on the left but not in the camera frame also has a like crack. My truck was well within rating of these ramps.

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Here is the only picture I could find of my ramp that looks just like the HF version. My Son was helping me change the oil. He was two years old in this picture. My ramp is very old but it looks like it is from the same factory. If I remember correctly I got it from Kmart. If you look closely you can see the low profile adapter at the end of the ramp.

It was sold separately as a kit. I have never used those metal ramps because I don't trust them. I use Rhino Ramps. I just wish they were taller. I've had plans drawn up to build a set similar to "alan camby"'s above for a while now I just haven't had the spare cash for the steel USA or not those things look sketchy as hell. Another negative, you'd need to put plywood under them if you have an asphalt drive to keep them from sinking in. I have a set of Rhino ramps but I really don't like them. Most I use them for is setting wheels on them while jacking them up.

I have found them nearly impossible to actually drive onto since they just skid out of the way. The non-skid rubber pad is hardly adequate, particularly when all of the force is exerted at the approach. I have used expansion joints to aide with that in the past, but I decided it just wasn't worth it. That's what makes some of the heavier options more appealing. It's gotten to the point where I don't much trust jack stands either, particularly those that make a very small contact point with the car. I've done this to but attribute it to either unfamiliar throttle response or a very touchy peddle.

When I use the Rhinos, I jam the ramps under the wheels and then ease up. They don't slide, and I don't have the rubber piece. Maybe that will work for you. I've never had mine slide either.